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Line Sheet Development : Basic Points to Consider

A line sheet is a presentation which provides required information for the sales and buyers of the apparel brand. When sales samples and merchandising is finalised, the main purpose of the line sheet will be to help buyers make decisions based on information provided in the line sheet. The Line sheet ideally contains information like style image, style numbers, price, colourways, delivery dates etc. At times when it is difficult for the apparel brands owners to travel with the hard samples for presentation and meeting or pri-sales meeting Line Sheet is quite useful and this could save a lot of time and money for the Clothing Brand Owners. This also helps in deciding  which are the Styles to go for Production.

An Apparel Line Sheet  is a collection of Styles presented in a simple yet in a detailed way to convey and convince investors and buyers about the potential salibility and commercial viability of the apparel project that a designer or brand owner takes up and why the buyer and investor should give his time and money for the new , upcoming or established brand or label.Almost every apparel Brand or Label begins with a Linesheet for every season or for the whole year collection no matter how small or Big the brand is.The Line Sheet is the foundation of the Apparel Brands and create the Base on which the requirement of investment and market projection is determined.

Line Sheet Contains all the Styles and Their Color Ways and other most important information like Season, and over all apparel detailing related information. This gives the customer or investor an over all idea and visualization of what the collection would be and how it might sell during that particular season. So while preparing the Line Sheet, tech pack designer or the Brand owner should be utmost careful towards the Fashion Trend and Color Trend so that he should not come up with an off bit apparel collection.In Today’s business every one would like to see where the utmost profit is and where they should put their hard earned money to bring optimum profit. So Your line sheet should comply all detailing as per the market need and should give the buyer a motivating factor to place the order. This can be quite tricky and the brand owner should know what he is presenting on his apparel line sheet.

Line Sheet T- Shirt

Line Sheet for T-Shirt

Whenever You are going out for finding out for a Good Line Sheet Designer you should find out certain traits which the Line Sheet Designer must possess. The Line Sheet Designer must be a Creative Expert who should have the knowledge and expertise of Private Label Design. He should have experience in working with multiple Fashion Studios or Brands and should have diversified knowledge on various seasonal clothing lines.The Line Sheet Designer or Line Sheet Design Studio should be responsible for interpreting trends, prints, patterns and colors for seasonal stories and monthly line offerings and should prepare line sheets every season. Moreover the Line Sheet Designer should have Good fashion eye for current & upcoming trends.Secondly if the Line Sheet Designer is having good knowledge on Technical Dessign / Tech Pack Design then this would be a plus to your Brand.The Line sheet Designer should have good Knowledge of fabrics, garment manufacturing, production, sewing, etc. This usually is very rare as the Fashion Designers and Line Sheet designers are more focused on creative design and they leave these stuffs to Technical Designers / Tech Pack Designers. Usually the Technical Designers Communicate with production to get the best result in design development.

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Line Sheet of a Hoody

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Lines Sheet – The Market Demands

There are number of Fashion Line Sheets keeps coming to the market and goes away soon due to a number of  factors. However, Those which stay for longer period and make business , follow certain rules and protocols which brings quality product to the market and becomes market friendly. Many factors that gives the mass appeal to a fashion and apparel line sheet are constant like quality product, following of the season , and right time release of the line sheet to the market. Yet there are many factors which controls the market are quite variable and some times depends on the external factors like how the economic and political scenario of the country or region is passing through. The Apparel Line Sheet Owner should make sure weather his idea about his line sheet commercially  feasible or not.So while preparing the line sheet the brand owner should consider those factors and bring about the line sheet to the market.

The Factors That Controls the Clothing Line Sheet are as below.

Approaching To Begin a Clothing Line Sheet

The First question that comes to mind while approaching for a business is How To Start. This is such a question which has many answers yet quite difficult to get satisfied with any answers that any body advises. Every Human Being is different so is their approach .However, There are certain steps and protocols which the Brand owner should follow like the theme of the clothing line, Market Research on the line feasibility, Budget , Manufacturing and Distribution, Retail Stores approach towards new comers and most importantly Design and Technical Design and Branding of the Clothing Line.

Budget :

Being a Freelance Fashion Designer and Technical Designer, I have came across many Line Sheet Designers and Brand Owners who start with a Big Line Sheet. However, Gradually when they move on they lack the financial Backing and Budget to complete the Line. Even if they do all the Design and Tech Packs or Tech Sheets they fall short of money to bring those collection to the next level. So When You consider to have a Clothing Line Sheet up and running you should always go step by step. Of course the Budget at the beginning is less and the cost to design the Line and then Tech Packs Development are expensive. The Brand owner should first understand and realize How many styles can He / She  bring out on his/her budget.In This Case the best way is to start with a small line sheet which the brand owner can comfortably take it to the next level and keep the ball rolling.

Focus & Segmentation :

When You plan and develop a line sheet your focus should be on one particular segmentation and you should proceed in one direction. For Example : when you go for a Active Wear Line Sheet you should not divert your attention for any other styling than active wear. Secondly, Your Line Sheet should focus on one particular theme and colors which gives a sense to your brand . To be economical and effective you should focus and choose on certain colors around which you should play around. The reason is when you go for a production of the line sheet there are minimums and when you have two or three styles which has same colors this would be production feasible as the fabrics for each styles can be club together if the styles color ways are same. This can be planned while developing the Line Sheet and Tech Pack Design.

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